The Journey Necklace

Everyone has a story to tell, that's why we are excited about The Journey necklace!  This necklace has four sides just waiting to be personalized with your story.  Take a closer look on our blog to see how our Outfitter's are personalizing their journey necklaces.

IO Loves Mission

Join guest blogger and IO founder, Jim Storbeck, as he shares about the new IO Loves Mission.  You will be blessed to learn how many children we have fed with the sales of our lunch boxes and learn how we are expanding our mission field.

Fitbit Arm Party

We snagged all the fitbits here at the home office and created some arm parties that make them look AMAZING!  Learn a few tips and be a better trend setter with your fitbit.

2016 Fall Pantone Colors, Styled

The Pantone colors for fall are gorgeous and have some unexpected colors such as Bodacious- a purple/pink hue, Lush Meadow- a vibrant green, and Riverside- a cool and calming blue that is taking precedent in this fall’s fashion.  Being knowledgeable on fall’s Pantone colors will help you find a few pieces to add to your existing wardrobe and stay on trend. 

Father's Day

While Father’s Day is a special time to show how much we all appreciate our fathers, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share why we are “glad to be dads".

Summer Essentials!

You know the old saying, “Lazy days of summer”? Well….BRING IT ON! We are ready for some sun and relaxation outdoors, and we have a few summer essentials to go along with the heat!